Talent Buying

Having produced over 4,500 shows, GoodWorks Entertainment recognizes that a successful event exists within a streamlined talent buying process and unwavering attention to detail in event logistics and production.

GoodWorks will build show offers for the venue's approval including:
talent fee, show expenses, production buyouts, ticket scaling,break even, projected show profit

GoodWorks will negotiate all elements of approved shows with each agent and artist management team.

GoodWorks will ensure all departments have relevant materials:
Contract, rider, approved marketing assets, on-sale schedule, artist fan club details, contacts (marketing, production, management, tour manager)

GoodWorks will negotiate Special requests including:
Meet and greets, artist appearances and show settlement

GoodWorks will provide agency with final show settlement.

GoodWorks will deliver comprehensive show level profit and loss statement.

GoodWorks will build venue report detailing individual and cumulative show level statistics for ED and Board.

Results-Based Marketing

*Creating lasting impressions that successfully transfer into ticket sales*

Marketing strategies and media campaigns are critical to building an organization's brand, growing it's membership, and generating venue cash flow. GoodWorks has the experience and expertise to help build, implement and measure the success of your organization's marketing budget.

- Create social media campaigns including Facebook and Instagram
- Develop campaigns for streaming music services such Pandora, Spotify and iHeartRadio
- Marketing dollars dynamically reallocated during campaigns
- Results-based marketing reports produced for each event

PUBLIC RELATIONS - GoodWorks will:
- Build and send press releases
- Handle media follow up
- Schedule artist interviews with print, television, radio

- Distribute poster/flyer to local businesses, residential communities etc.
- Develop comprehensive promotion strategy for local colleges and surrounding schools
- Build promotional opportunities with local restaurants/bars
- Offer not for profit partnerships beneficial terms supporting their constituency and build the venue’s reach

MEDIA BUYING - GoodWorks will:
- Coordinate all ad buys for social media, billboard advertising, print, television, and radio/online radio

GoodWorks will provide GRAPHIC DESIGN/AD CREATION for:
- Social Media
- Street team materials i.e. posters and flyers as well as coordinate printing
- Ads for local papers
- Ads for major promotional placements i.e. Billboards, MTA Signage, Banners
- Creative radio ads and teasers

Private Buying

Having produced over 4,500 shows, GoodWorks Entertainment recognizes that a successful event exists within a streamlined talent buying process and unwavering attention to detail in event logistics and production.

GoodWorks has worked with corporate, private, and non-profit organizations such as:

  • CT Challenge
  • Remedy Partners
  • Sunshine Kids
  • Coastal Construction
  • Habitat for Humanity
  • Rockhouse Foundation
  • Mercy Learning Center
  • Child Guidance Center
  • Fairfield Theatre Company

GoodWorks will negotiate all elements of the artist contract:
Talent Fee, Show Expenses, Production Requirements, Ticket Scaling, Travel Costs

GoodWorks will provide client with all relevant materials:
Contract, Rider, Approved Marketing Assets, Announce and On-sale Schedule
Artist Contacts - marketing, production, management, tour manager

GoodWorks will negotiate special requests including:
Meet and Greets, Artist Appearances, Song Requests

In addition to booking the talent, GoodWorks can handle event logistics:
Production (i.e. Sound, Lighting, Staging), Staffing, Security, Site Selection, Crowd Control

Our goal is to not only to acquire the right talent for your event and budget, but to construct an end to end service from the talent buy through to “day of” execution including production and event settlement.

Our commitment is to remove the stress and challenges that relate to your event’s live entertainment. We have the experience and agent network to find, negotiate and deliver the right artist given your budget, musical taste and event goals.

For more information on specific genres of music, bands, artists, etc. please enquire.

Venue Consulting

Goodworks Entertainment has extensive experience in advising and managing music oriented not for profit organizations. Our goal in our consulting relationships is to make strategic recommendations across some or all of the below listed disciplinary areas that can help move clients towards the ultimate goal of self sustainability. We provide strategic analysis and recommended courses of action to improve the overall performance of our clients. In addition, we help evaluate the implementations of recommended actions and provide ongoing advice and analysis of the overall client execution and performance analysis.

- Strategic and financial planning
- Budget analysis
- Source of revenue analysis
- Human resource evaluation
- Competitive opportunities
- Develop strategies to increase venue membership
- Facilities investments to enhance cash flow

- Goals and objectivities development
- Optimize current revenue streams as well as provide revenue generating opportunities
- Projections for recommended facilities enhancements
- Production analysis
- Plan to enhance patron experience by creating premium event packages

- Create, build and collaborate on long term marketing plan
- Analysis of marketing spend (amounts and channels)
- Options to enhance marketing dollars spent
- Develop strategies to build email database

- Recommended changes and estimated financial impact

Brand Building
- Ideas to broaden brand (in-house events)
- Expanded programming will enhance brand
- Go to market strategy to build awareness

- Analysis of tiers
- Analysis of value provided to members
- Alternative strategies

- Analysis of concession results
- Recommended changes to concession strategy

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